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Lobby Sign and Business Sign Package for Icon Collective

This is the metal lobby sign we installed for Icon Collective. It is part of a large outdoor and indoor business sign package we’ve created for the school in Burbank.

A Business Sign Package to Suit All Needs

Schools need engaging surroundings to prevent boredom in students. Likewise, an academic institution has to present its seal or logo. Not just to project its brand identity. But also to give its students and faculty something to connect with. With signs, people are reminded that they are part of something bigger.

So school signs are a must, from the lobby signs near their entrances to directional signs adorning their halls. And outdoor signs that people will see as they drive by. An institution must represent itself and put its best foot forward. After all, it has to represent its constituents. So with signs students and faculty will be proud to be part of the institution.

Need a lobby sign as well as an array of indoor and outdoor signage? Go for a business sign package that will meet all of your needs and match your specifications. Maintain consistency in visual design and material quality.  After all, your brand deserves the premium difference!

Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Icon Collective is a Nationally Accredited Music School that provides more than music production education. So they add an extra touch with the aim of guiding their students in making powerful and authentic art.