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Aroma 360 Beverly Hills dimensional letters Beverly Hills

Unlock the Allure of Luxury: How Aroma 360’s Dimensional Letters Embody Their Brand

Are you a Beverly Hills business owner seeking to elevate your brand image? Does the concept of a unique sensory experience that leaves a lasting impression intrigue you? Discover how Aroma 360, a pioneer in luxury scenting, has harnessed the power of dimensional letters to create a visually captivating storefront that embodies their commitment to refined elegance.


The Client: Elevating Sensory Branding

Aroma 360 understands that a lasting brand experience extends far beyond the products themselves. They meticulously curate signature scents that evoke feelings of luxury, sophistication, and exclusivity. Collaborating closely with them, we aimed to translate their commitment to sensory branding into bespoke signage that mirrors their high-end clientele and creates a truly immersive experience.

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Close-up photo of the dimensional letter signage, highlighting the custom paint finish.

Designing Signage that Resonates and Inspires

Inspired by Aroma 360’s elegant aesthetic, we meticulously crafted their dimensional letters from 1 inch thick flat-cut metal. This substantial material choice underscores their commitment to quality and permanence, reflecting the luxurious nature of their products.  We chose a custom paint finish that aligns seamlessly with their brand’s color palette, ensuring a cohesive and sophisticated look.


To add visual interest, we incorporated a hierarchy of letter heights. The main company name “AROMA 360” stands tall at 6.3 inch, commanding attention from passersby. The tagline, “Luxury Scenting,” rests gracefully beneath at 3.2 inch, subtly reinforcing their unique and premium positioning in the market. This careful consideration of scale and composition ensures the signage is both legible and visually appealing.

Photo of the entire storefront, showcasing the signage in its context.
Aroma 360 Beverly Hills: Where luxury meets scent and style. Their captivating dimensional letter signage, created by Premium Sign Solutions, invites you to explore a world of unique fragrances.

The Power of Dimensional Letters for Luxury Brands

Dimensional letters aren’t just for wayfinding – they make a powerful statement about your brand’s identity. In the upscale landscape of Beverly Hills, they exude quality, professionalism, and permanence. These signs attract attention, increase brand recall, and subtly invite discerning clientele to step inside and experience the world of luxury scenting. Beyond their visual appeal, dimensional letters offer a tactile element, adding depth and texture to your storefront.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dimensional Letters

Q: Can dimensional letters be customized to match my brand’s style?

A: Absolutely! From materials and finishes to fonts, sizes, and even lighting options, we tailor every aspect to your unique aesthetic.

Q: Are dimensional letters suitable for outdoor use?

A: Yes! We use only the highest-quality, durable materials that withstand the elements, ensuring your investment retains its beauty for years.

Q: How do dimensional letters differ from traditional flat signage?

A: Dimensional letters add depth and shadow play, creating a more dynamic and visually captivating presence. They convey a sense of substance and permanence.

Q: What is the installation process like for dimensional letters?

 A: Our expert team handles the entire installation process with precision, ensuring your signage is mounted securely and perfectly aligned.

A stunning dimensional letters sign to attract eyes for Aroma360
A stunning dimensional letters sign to attract eyes for Aroma360

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