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Halo-Lit Channel Letters for Catch Surf in Malibu

We made halo-lit channel letters for Catch Surf in Malibu. A  cool surfboard supplying company like them deserves eye-catching signage that will make their brand stand out!

Make Your Signage Bright and Shiny with Halo-Lit Channel Letters

Business signs must fit the brand’s identity and ultimately convey it to customers. Especially in the case of storefront signs right on the brand’s building, visible to customers far and wide. With illuminated signage, the brand’s effect is further amplified, making it recognizable day in and day out.

For such prominent outdoor signage, quality in terms of visual design, material composition and fabrication really matter. Exterior signs are exposed to weather and will experience wear and tear. Moreover, for illuminated signs, they have electrical components as well. So any technical issues that will crop up, like flickering lights, will be visible and negatively affect the company’s image. Thus excellent manufacturing is a must and brands can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to their appearance. Moreover, regular sign maintenance is also a must for these types of displays.

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About the Client

Catch Surf provides surfboards, wet suits and beach apparel for men, women and children, gear and accessories, and more!