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Bold and bright! These custom channel letters ensure Atlantic Pearl's 1990 building makes a statement in Westwood.

Atlantic Pearl Westwood Sign Package

Atlantic Pearl Westwood: Modernizing Sign Package, Elevating Brand Presence

Atlantic Pearl, a prominent Westwood property, sought a sign package to revitalize its branding and create a cohesive brand experience across two buildings with distinct architectural styles. Their outdated signage, including a mix of monument signs, pylon signs, and office signage, blended into the busy Westwood landscape. They needed solutions that were both eye-catching and respectful of their buildings’ history.

Modern building with red "1990" channel letters above the roofline, visible against a cityscape background.
Atlantic Pearl’s 1990 building stands tall in Westwood, its vibrant signage attracting attention from afar.

The Client: Atlantic Pearl Westwood

Atlantic Pearl Westwood is a prominent commercial property located in the heart of bustling Westwood, Los Angeles.They offer a mix of office and retail spaces, and are committed to providing a modern and welcoming environment for their tenants and visitors.

Collaboration for Success

Premium Sign Solutions worked closely with the Atlantic Pearl team to fully understand their vision for revitalized signage. Our focus was on creating solutions that were both visually impactful and seamlessly integrated with the unique architecture

Red illuminated channel letters spelling "1990" mounted on a modern building with a silver aluminum base.
Bold and bright! These custom channel letters ensure Atlantic Pearl’s 1990 building makes a statement in Westwood.

Our Sign Package Solution:

Premium Sign Solutions partnered with Atlantic Pearl to deliver a multi-faceted sign package. Here’s the breakdown by building:

1990 Building

Illuminated Channel Letters: Measuring approximately 2’3″ tall by 9’11” wide, these bold channel letters feature a vibrant red finish and internal LED illumination. This ensures day-and-night visibility, attracting attention from Westwood’s bustling streets.

Custom Aluminum Base: A secure aluminum base (approximately 9’2″ x 3′ ) with a sleek metallic silver finish supports the channel letters, ensuring stability and adding a polished aesthetic.

1964 Building

A mix of signage solutions creates a cohesive look while respecting the building’s architecture:

Pole Sign Inserts: Updated inserts (2’6″ x 6′) breathe new life into the existing pole sign structures, offering a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Building Front “1964” These sleek, flat-cut metal numerals (2′ tall) add a touch of modern elegance to the building’s facade.

Trimless Channel Letters: Used to display “1964” in a space with limited clearance, these letters (also 2’3″ tall ) offer a streamlined solution.

Parking Signage: Clear signage with flat-cut metal letters and a branded color scheme improves wayfinding and enhances the user experience.

Red and white parking sign with the letter "P" and "1964" on the 1964 building.
Clear signage = happy visitors! Custom parking signs guide visitors at both of Atlantic Pearl’s Westwood locations.

Benefits for Atlantic Pearl

  • Elevated Brand Image:    The updated signage, including elements inspired by classic neon signs,  projects a modern and professional image, reflecting Atlantic Pearl’s commitment to quality.
  • Increased Visibility: Illuminated signage and strategic placement attract attention from passing traffic in the busy Westwood area.
  • Stronger Brand Consistency: Cohesive design elements across both buildings reinforce brand recognition within the community.
Flat-cut metal numbers "1964" mounted above the entrance of a building with [describe facade material - brick, stone, etc.]
A touch of modern elegance for Atlantic Pearl’s historic 1964 building.

FAQ: Atlantic Pearl Sign Package

Why would you choose illuminated signage?

Illumination ensures Atlantic Pearl stands out in the vibrant Westwood area, even after dark.

How does the signage design respect the buildings’ architectural differences?

We used distinct signage styles. Bold channel letters suit the 1990 building, while the 1964 building features a mix of modern and classic elements to complement its style.

Were there any unique challenges with this project?

The trimless channel letters on the 1964 building required a custom raceway to work within the space limitations. Our team’s expertise ensured a seamless installation.

Do you offer neon light repair near me?

Yes! Our experienced technicians specialize in diagnosing and repairing all types of signs including neon. We offer fast turnaround times and competitive rates for the greater Los Angeles area.

The building is contemporary, and it has red channel letters spelling out "1964" above the roofline. These letters are easily seen against the backdrop of a cityscape.
Atlantic Pearl’s 1964 structure is prominent in Westwood, drawing attention from a distance with its lively signage.

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