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Lightbox Gym Sign for UFC in Northridge

We made this new insert for UFC Northridge’s lightbox gym sign. Now the gym’s signage will be up to date. It will help hype people up as they go to the place to have a workout. Want to update your lightbox sign? We can handle fabricating and installing the inserts your brand needs!

Get a Fitting Look with a Lightbox Gym Sign

Nowdays being a gym rat is as much about aesthetics as it is about the workout. Most want to be fit so that they’ll have that ideal summer bod, or so that their selfies will get more and more likes. So the gym itself must keep its aesthetics game on point. This is why gym signage is important.

With a lightbox sign, your establishment will get the visibility its branding deserves. More gym goers will see your sign, and the sight of the brand will draw them in, inspiring them to pump some iron.

Likewise, maintaining the sign itself will be easy. Light box inserts are replaceable, so your signage will stay current with whatever trends are emerging. Changing the look of your brand? Or sporting a seasonal motif? Just put in a new insert. It’s as simple as that! When the lightboxes are also pole signs or pylon signs, they get even better vantage points too.

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About the Client

UFC Gym provides training that matches the caliber of world champions, its programs include not only mixed martial arts but also functional fitness and a wide variety of regimens, from personal training to youth and group classes.