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X Marks The Spot For Connexity’s Backlit Lobby Sign

We’ve built several lobby signs for the company previously. This time we created a backlit lobby sign with a brightly glowing “X” for Connexity. So it emphasizes their brand. Now their Santa Monica office signage really stands out with this illuminated sign!

Emphasize Branding with a Backlit Lobby Sign

Like how “X marks the spot” with Connexity’s sign, you might want to emphasize certain letters in your logo. Or any other part of the sign, like characters or symbols. Backlit or illuminated signs, as well as neon, can help do this. So with that feature, your sign will be even more eye-catching. The name becomes distilled to a single symbol that shines brightly to eyes and minds alike. And in doing so, it will be all the more recognizable by being such a prominent part on the customer or client experience. Since they will remember your signage, office and branding better, you will certainly stand out from other companies and competitors. Are they slacking off on their signage game? Well, too bad for them!

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About the Client

Connexity and Hitwise are online marketing agencies helping businesses reach their audiences. They provide services such as retail product listing platforms and online behavioral insights and audience planning.