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Bilingual Sign with Social Distancing Guidelines in English and Spanish

This is a bilingual sign we fabricated that displays social distancing guidelines. With the protocols laid out in English and Spanish, more people can understand the necessary steps to reduce the risks facing the community. Organizations and businesses should be considerate and meet the needs of their whole communities as much as possible, and the signage they use is a part of that.

A Bilingual Welcome Sign Also Enhances Accessibility

Ensuring spaces and establishments are accessible, welcoming and safe for all – accessibility – encompasses measures like ADA-compliant signage with braille and tactile features. Likewise with wheelchair ramps, lactation rooms,  ADA-compliant restroom facilities, emergency signs and emergency exits, and more.

Bilingual signage is also part of this. Directional/instructional/wayfinding signage can accommodate multiple languages, like English and Spanish, to ensure more people’s needs are met. When it comes to social distancing guidelines, this is doubly important as it gets the word out to the wider community.  The more people know about risk-reducing protocols, the better for everyone.

So, remember, language is part of accessibility, which helps everyone whether  it is a mall or a workshop.  Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.