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Storefront Sign for Broad Street Oyster Company in Malibu

A restaurant needs signage that’s just as fine as its cuisine. This is the storefront sign we made for Broad Street Oyster Company to draw in customers. The Malibu establishment is new and its offerings are surprisingly unique for the area despite its location near the ocean. This is just one of the signs they had made as part of a sign package. We’ll post about the others soon! 

Storefront Sign, Part of the Package

Stores, cafes and restaurants need quality signage. A storefront sign is among the most important of these, a centerpiece that catches the eye and draws customers in. Other outdoor signs can compliment it, adding to the effect. Broad Street Oyster did just that with their sign package, which is a good signage strategy that comprehensively emphasizes and showcases their brand.

Aside from exterior signs, packages can also include interior signage. A business will need those to complete the effect when customers enter their premises. So consider the outdoor and indoor signs you want for your brand.

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About the Client

Broad Street Oyster Company is a catering service that strives to bring together families, friends, deliciously prepared crustaceans and friendly banter into an unforgettable dining experience.