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Building Channel Letters for The Plant in Woodland Hills

This is a building channel letters project we did a while back for The Plant. So the Woodland Hills cannabis store has a high vantage point-positioned  sign displaying its brand for maximum visibility.  With this, more customers will be drawn to their establishment at the Warner Center.

Place Your Building Channel Letters and Store Signs High

Want to maximize your brand’s visibility? Better position your signage up a good vantage point so that it will be within line of sight over a wider area. Such considerations matter when it comes to outdoor sign. After all, that’s what exterior signs are for – to be seen far and wide. Moreover, when they are illuminated signs as in the case of The Plant’s display, they will be seen day in and day out.

A good storefront sign should draw attention and lead customers to the establishment in question. And since it is outdoors, subject to the weather, it must also be durable. So quality of signage construction, the materials used and the skill of the sign-makers in fabricating and installing the display, count for a lot. A sign has to look good and stay that way for as long as it takes.

Plus, the cannabis industry is one that’s new and growing. So businesses have a lot of potential for growth and expansion. Likewise, there’s a lot of competition. They will need any edge they can get – and signs that help them stand out above the rest will definitely prove invaluable.

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About the Client

The Plant is your friendly neighborhood cannabis store selling strains and paraphenalia. If it’s in the plant, it’s in The Plant!