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Custom Gold Lobby Sign for Abogado Aaron in Los Angeles

This is the custom gold lobby sign we made for Abogado Aaron in Los Angeles. It is made of laser cut acrylic with brushed gold face and goes on the door of their office. So this lobby sign is part of a wider office design package for the Los Angeles law firm.

Impress with a Custom Gold Lobby Sign

So you want to really dazzle potential clients and make them confident in the brand? Go with lobby signs, a real standout centerpiece for your reception area. As well as accompanying signage to compliment the main event. Like the sign we installed on Abogado Aaron’s door. It builds anticipation for the centerpiece and reinforces the branding. After all, two or more signs are better than one, right? So this is where sign packages come in.

With these, your friendly neighborhood sign makers will assemble an array of signs that will best suit your establishment’s needs. They will be designed to support each other aesthetically. Part of this entails consistency of appearance, because branding has to be uniform. And this also involves ensuring the consistent quality of the materials used in the signs. This is necessary for the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts. So the signs will achieve the desired aesthetic effect and leaving a great impression on clients.

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About the Client

The law offices of Aaron Chenault, Abogado Aaron, provide a variety of invaluable legal services. These include work permits, visa applications, court representation, family petition and DACA.