You are currently viewing Business Sign Package for NIU Los Angeles in West Hollywood

Business Sign Package for NIU Los Angeles in West Hollywood

Part of the business sign package for NIU Los Angeles’ West Hollywood branch. Their storefront sign is composed of a backlit logo and front lit light box that makes their establishment visible day in and day out.

Get Maximum Visibility with an Illuminated Business Sign Package

With a comprehensive sign package, your business’ branding needs will be met even before the branch opens. In the case of NIU Los Angeles, before the light box signs were installed, we placed a storefront banner sign so their brand would be visible while the permanent signs were being fabricated. Now, with the light box signs ready, they have replaced the banner and have made NIU’s storefront look truly complete.

A comprehensive sign package includes such considerations. After the permanent signs have been installed, those temporary banners can still be useful in the future. They can be taken out of storage to decorate events or advertise in other locations. Our sign packages also include window graphics  that compliment the primary permanent signs and further add to the look of the establishment.

Ensure your business’ signage needs are met, reach out to your trusty Los Angeles sign company. Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.

About the Client

NIU offers kick scooters and a variety of two-wheel electric vehicles, an innovative urban mobility solution for modern times.