You are currently viewing Slice of Life: Car Wraps for Nursing Services in the San Fernando Valley

Slice of Life: Car Wraps for Nursing Services in the San Fernando Valley

At Premium Sign Solutions, we do more than create and install signs on or inside buildings, we also make car wraps, vehicle graphics and vehicle lettering. Most of it happens in our garage and the final process of sticking the wrap on a car is a really precise yet really hands-on one, there’s no margin for error. Pockets of air or misaligned wraps not only look bad but also have shorter lifespans than properly and tightly-applied wraps, so that’s why vinyl wraps have to be applied with tender loving care. After all… handmade is still best made in San Fernando Valley. 😉

This time, we made a car wrap for a nursing service, specifically Nurse Next Door.

It’s not only best for business, since vehicles with vinyl wraps are practically moving business signs with maximum visibility among motorists, our wraps for the nursing service also help raise awareness for healthcare services in the Los Angeles area.

Let’s be real, healthcare is a really important subject, it’s trendy and controversial precisely because of its relevance in all of our lives. For all of the issue’s contention, the one undisputed fact is that healthcare providers and their services are invaluable to their communities. We’re glad to play a role of that beneficial service with our vinyl wraps and signs, making health facilities and institutions more visible, allowing them to reach out to more people who could use their services.

That’s the magic of signs, since the time before the telephone and the internet and even in these days of interconnected-everything, a good old physical sign is still unmatched in what it does: getting the word out and connecting people!