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Clinic Lobby Sign for Sean T. Ky in Pasadena

This is the laser-cut clinic lobby sign we made for Sean T. Ky. With this acrylic sign, the Pasadena dentist’s office will certainly look on point. The signage appears clean and precise, while also being aesthetically pleasing. So it fits the brand of the dental clinic.

Give Your Practice a Unique Brand with a Clinic Lobby Sign

The precision manufacture of a laser-cut acrylic lobby sign makes it ideal as a clinic sign. After all, medical and dental procedures are likewise precise processes. For cosmetic facilities, aesthetics also require a delicate hand. Which fits as these type of lobby signs can also come with a lot of style. Customization is the order of the day, allowing them to appear in a variety of ways.

So the lobby signs can be made to fit to the particular niche of the practice. For example, a general practitioner will probably have a different style of sign compared to a rockstar plastic surgeon. Likewise, a pediatrician and a dentist will have varying aesthetics.

Lobby signs are still business signs and as such must represent the brand. Clinics, facilities and doctors that want to stand out and provide pleasantly memorable experiences for their patients or clients must leverage the power of branding. Outdoor signs and indoor signs alike have a crucial role to play in completing their facilities, cohering with the overall look and making them stand out from other places.

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About the Client

Dr. Sean T. Ky is a top notch dental specialist who has served the Pasadena area for over 13 years. She has received advanced training in dental implants, endodontics, and pediatric oral sedation. A warm and compassionate person, she dedicates her full attention, delicate touch, and excellent clinical skills to each patient she treats.