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Our Favorite Customers: Athletic Society in Canoga Park

Athletic Society in Canoga Park is one of our favorite customers. They have temporarily closed their doors for community safety. So, for the meanwhile, all membership accounts have been put on freeze. Nonetheless, they are still finding ways to keep people active at home. Namely they are sharing at-home workouts to their members while also encouraging their community to share fitness routines with each other.

Finding Ways to Stay Well

Even if businesses such as gyms are not opening their facilities, it behooves everyone to try their best to promote the wellness of the community. This can be by providing gym members with workouts that can be done at home like Athletic Society.

Other forms of remote or online services are definitely useful – like clinics providing telemedicine. Marketing can spread content that can inform people as well as uplift their spirits. We have to watch out for each other and give each other something to look forward to as the days go by. Moreover, this crisis will pass, so we have to remain hopeful and anticipate when things get better.

And they will! The day will come when the crisis has been abated and our communities re-open. Stores, cafes and gyms will welcome their patrons back. Maybe there will be bunting and balloons, or welcome back signs.

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About the Client

Athletic Society is a gym with a team of professional trainers dedicated to ensuring the physical fitness of all participants!