You are currently viewing 20 Foot Wide Collapsible Trade Show Signage for Lilly Lashes

20 Foot Wide Collapsible Trade Show Signage for Lilly Lashes

It’s big, it’s mobile, it’s 20 feet wide and collapsible… it’s our trade show signage for Lilly Lashes!  The sign quality isn’t compromised at all, the image is still sharp and crisp. Huge impact. Small inconvenience. This sign will make your presence known, and folds down to a size no bigger than a suitcase.

How about that?

Huge Yet Handy

Need a sign that’s got maximum visibility and maximum portability? Want something that won’t get beat up during transportation? After all, being on the road and going from trade show to trade show ain’t no mean feat. Hauling signage ain’t, either. Collapsible trade show signage makes things so much easier without sacrificing the visibility of your branding. Like they say, it’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter.

Moving around, going to expos and fairs? Contact us to get signage that’s optimized for your needs.

About the Client

Lilly Lashes was founded by reality star and glamazon Lilly Ghalichi in 2013, who brought a paradigm shift in the world of false lashes with her 3D Lashes. Since then Lilly Lashes has taken the makeup world by storm, becoming the in thing among celebrities, MUAs and glam girls the world over!