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Dimensional Foam Board for The Boo Crew Podcast

No, Halloween hasn’t been moved to July, the world of horror operates year ’round. Here is our dimensional foam board for The Boo Crew Podcast. They’re going to use it as a backdrop for their booths in conventions. Another innovative use of signage could be as a background for their podcasts. After all, a horror-themed brand needs shocking signage!

Dimensional Foam Board for Shows on the Go

Does your business move around a lot? Got stalls or booths at trade shows, conventions and expos? Or are you a podcast that films at various locales? If so, portable and easy to set up signage is a must! Hence these are really handy for small businesses and bigger establishments alike.

So consider a dimensional foam board or two, or three. Maybe a couple of banners and posters for your tradeshow booth. You can spruce up your mobile establishment while keeping things pretty lightweight. Go ahead and contact us, so we can determine the convention sign package that will suit you best!

About the Client

The Boo Crew Podcast is made by horror aficionados for folks with similar fixations and predilections!┬áIt’s the definitive horror and lifestyle brand with up to date horror culture news, reviews and more.