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The Art of Sign Making

Your Business Is Exceptional. Your Signs Should Be Too.

That’s our tagline, the idea behind Premium Sign Solutions. We keep that in mind and take it to heart when we fabricate signs for our clients. It’s in every step of the process. Even when we install the signs, we take into consideration how they suit their surroundings and how visible they are. After all, the signs we’re making are symbols for their brand, who they are, what they do and what they stand for. 

This is exemplified in one of our recent projects, a sign for Farmers Insurance. They provided an incredible amount of detail and specifications in their brand guidelines and we were more than up to the task, matching what they provided with our own production team’s attention to detail.

Sign-making requires more than just workmanship and engineering, it requires vision, a sense for the artistic, and a keen awareness of style and aesthetics. This is because the fabrication process of something as simple as a pylon insert, or cut vinyl, becomes compounded with the brand guidelines on how the final product must look, its colors, the spacing of the letters, the contrast between the background and the logo. It all requires thorough planning and forethought – a synthesis of expertise in multiple fields.

In the featured images, the sign-making process is shown, from the developmental stage primarily done via computer to the workshop stage. Our production and installation specialist Christian Meng is seen gingerly cutting the vinyl, his hand moving with the steady precision of a surgeon with a scalpel, or an artist with a brush.

From the design to the cutting, to the application of the vinyl to the substrate, every part of sign making is a careful process. It has to be just right.

When the delicate operation is done, the finished sign is laid out for further inspection. There are no take-backsies after we install the finished product. There is no room for error, as errors will not only leave our clients with sub-par signs, they’ll also reflect poorly on us. Those signs are our babies, so we build them good and build them to last.

We strive to provide our clients the Premium Sign they deserve, and they expect no less from us!