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Door Window Graphics for Bexel in San Fernando Valley

With so many doors at Bexel’s San Fernando Valley facility, the only way to give clarity on which one to go through is with door window graphics! So everything is more convenient for employees and guests alike.

Mark Entrances, Exits, Room and Room Numbers with Door Window Graphics

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Operating a vast facility like Bexel? Whether it’s a warehouse, a large condominium, apartment or mall, people will end up needing help with the directions. So make it easier for everyone with window graphics. These can serve as directional signs or augment other types of wayfinding signs on the premises. Deliver people can figure out where they need to go, so there won’t be a need to call and ask for directions. Employees or tenants, particularly new ones, will know where they need to go. Likewise with visitors and guests, as no one likes getting confused or winding up lost – negative customer experiences like these might bring bad reviews.

Moreover, these window graphics can also display the company’s branding. Either subtly through consistent colors, or in an unsubtle way with the brand logo right there. That’s what business signs are for, to promote the company and convey its brand identity. And this type of sign is relatively easy to produce and install, making it convenient, quick and cost-effective.

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About the Client

Bexel supports major broadcasters in bringing the most important events to a global audience. They provide vital production services and broadcast solutions with their team of technicians and engineers.