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Multi-Tenant Blade Sign for LS Urban in Los Angeles

Here is the double sided, multi-tenant blade sign we fabricated and installed for LS Urban. So now the Los Angeles property manager has signage displaying its commercial space’s tenants. This will help bring business to their establishment.

Multi-Tenant Blade Sign, a Must Have For Your Property

Operating a commercial space? A mall? How about an apartment complex or a condominium? Either way, blade signs are a definite must have for property managers. With these, they can show passersby and potential customers which businesses are operating at their location. Likewise, for apartments and condominiums, this type of property sign helps tenants and guests alike in navigating the premises. Moreover, blade signs area also really popular for restaurants, bars and cafes – they’re a classic look! All in all, they make for great outdoor signs for commercial areas as well as residential ones. With illuminated features they can stand out even more!

In short, blade signs are classy, and they’re also space-efficient. Moreover, for areas that aren’t quite spacious, these are ideal sign solutions as they are still quite visible and prominent without taking up much room.

So consider this type of business sign for your establishment. Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

LS Urban is an entrepreneurial real estate investment company operating in the Southern California area.