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Our Favorite Customers: Encino Chamber of Commerce and the Welcome to Encino Sign

This was one of our favorite sign projects for an excellent customer, the Encino Chamber of Commerce. Making and installing the Welcome to Encino sign was an absolute joy because with this we are making a landmark for a community.

Signs for the Community

Signs convey identity. Signage is not just for business brands, though. They can be for communities, to show the world who they are and what they have. These signs also bring communities together as it presents a symbol. With said symbol, people in a community can have something to point to and say “this is us.” Likewise for those on the outside.

This applies not only physically and spatially, obviously with a landmark you will know where a town is situated, but also socially and culturally. Community signs can have motifs that say something about the locals, even the font used for the lettering can send a message. Even a simple warm welcome can mean a lot!

 So this is why signs can mean a lot. And why making them also means a lot for sign-makers such as yours truly. As we look back to our favorite customers and look forward to future projects, there is this renewed appreciation for the significance of communities. As well as what signs can do for them.

In short, we miss being out and about with everyone. But sheltering in place is necessary precisely because we value our community.

We are definitely looking forward to the end of the pandemic. Until then, we are offering free virtual estimates for future sign projects when things get better.  Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

The Encino Chamber of Commerce has been around since 1936, serving the business community and getting things organized. The Chamber and its members provide goods and services to their community and beyond with dedication!