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Our Favorite Customers: West Valley-Warner Center Chamber of Commerce

West Valley-Warner Center Chamber of Commerce is one of our favorite customers and the community they represent is close to our hearts. That’s why the Welcome to Woodland Hills monument sign is significant to us and was a wonderful project.

Signs for Communities

Organizations like the West Valley-Warner Chamber represent communities and businesses. These organizations strive to serve the people’s best interests and represent them. Likewise, signage also serve these purposes by giving a symbol that people can identify with. Or symbols that regions can be associated with. In other words, landmarks. And these have sentimental effects on people, particularly residents of the area.

In light of recent events, seeing signs like the “Welcome to Woodland Hills” monument would be a sight for a sore eyes. Imagine seeing them again, along with a few “welcome back!” banners and posters when things get better. This shows the role signs play in embodying communities, especially now that we miss them dearly and have a renewed appreciation for community.

Obviously we are really looking forward to the end of the pandemic. Until then, we are offering free virtual estimates for future sign projects when things get better. Prepare signage for the great re-opening, welcome people back or remind them of the necessary precautions for the new normal.

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About the Client

West Valley-Warner Center Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1930 and in the organization’s own words: “The mission of this Chamber shall be to represent, support, educate and promote the appropriate business interests of the West Valley.”