Halo Lit Brand Logo Sign for Icon Collective in Burbank

This halo lit brand logo is part of the ongoing business sign package and office design package for Icon Collective. With their brand glowing bright, the Burbank school will surely stand out even more!  

Show Brand Confidence with a Halo Lit Brand Logo Sign

This halo lit brand logo sign is part of Premium Sign Solutions' ongoing business sign package and office design package for Icon Collective in Burbank.

Our halo-lit channel letters for Icon Collective put their brand on the spot. So with this added illuminated sign that features their company logo, the effect is further amplified. Moreover, halo-lit signs have the added benefit of being visible far and wide. Day in and day out. This makes them ideal outdoor signs.

Imagine passersby seeing this exterior sign gleaming in the night from its high vantage point. Piquing potential students’ interests. Catching everyone’s eyes. Moreover, the music school’s student body and faculty alike will have something to be proud of. The brand shows its confidence with such signage. Likewise, this confidence is similarly conveyed to members of the organization. And bystanders will see this effect and be impressed by such pride.

Your brand deserves to stand tall and proud. So get a sign package that will achieve that effect. Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando.

About the Client

Icon Collective is a Nationally Accredited Music School that provides more than music production education. So they add an extra touch with the aim of guiding their students in making powerful and authentic art.

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