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Illuminated Monument Sign for Kasten Properties in Thousand Oaks

A second illuminated monument sign we created for Kasten Properties. This follows up on the previous one we installed. So now their Thousand Oaks real estate has another monument and lightbox sign. This bolsters their plan to upscale and attract tenants.

Light It Up with an Illuminated Monument Sign

Catch potential customers’ eye with illuminated signage. This combines a lightbox sign’s brightness and visibility with the robustness of a monument sign. Moreover, lightbox inserts can be changed or replaced for added flexibility. Such a display will definitely attract attention to your establishment. Including properties run by property developers, as well as condominium complexes and apartments. So they’re ideal for these purposes, which is why Kasten Properties in Thousand Oaks is utilizing this type of sign in their efforts to upscale their real estate.

Business signs convey brand identities. So when choosing the type to utilize for an establishment this should be factored in. What kind of attitude are you trying to convey with your signage? Moreover, what’s the aesthetic of the rest of the brand and the establishment? Your signs should compliment and reinforce these elements, not clash against them. For example, a gaudy neon sign would work better for a bar rather than a rustic cafe or a homey lodge.

Likewise, physical factors cannot be overlooked. Is it an outdoor sign, if so then what’s the environment and climate like? What is the composition of the sign’s surroundings, including other business’ signage that it has to contend and compete with? You still want to outshine them.

For these purposes, it’s good to call in the pros. Expert sign-makers will factor these and provide the sign solution your business deserves, combining aesthetic considerations with practical ones. So you’ll get the right look with a sign that’s made the right way, with the right materials.

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