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Lightbox Monument Signs for Kasten Properties in Thousand Oaks

Kasten Properties is overhauling their current building to appeal to new, upscale tenants. As part of the plan we created brand new illuminated lightbox monument signs with dimensional acrylic address numbers on the side. The boxes are ready for each new tenant in the Thousand Oaks condo.

Stand Out with Lightbox Monument Signs

Make your property catch the eye with illuminated signage. Lightbox signs or monument signs are ideal on their own. Each type is visually impressive and hard to miss. Now, combined, they’re even more effective. So they’re ideal tenant signs for property managers, condominium owners and apartment complex operators. If you want to attract upscale tenants with impressive units, such property signs should be part of the package.

Moreover, aside from the tenants, your own brand identity will also be conveyed by the type of business signs you employ. Such visible, eye-catching signage will show your confidence in the quality of your products or services. In the case of Kasten Properties, the units they’re offering.

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