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Inspiring Wall Graphics for Amazon in Santa Barbara

Part of office sign package for Amazon’s facility in Santa Barbara. These inspiring wall graphics decorate Everytable, the eatery there. This sign is a result of our collaboration with Tube Art. And it shows the values of the restaurant, conveying what the brand stands for to customers and employees alike.

Deliver a Message with Inspiring Wall Graphics

Want to change the world, or trying to do your part? Show people what’s driving you. Display your message, your values or mission, with visible signage. Like the graphics for Everytable that shows what drives them to make their dishes. These also help make your brand stand out from the rest by conveying its principles. So customers who feel similarly will be drawn to the brand and will remember it better. And the workforce will be reminded of why they are there doing their good work. Moreover, by spreading the message, more people will be aware of the topic in question. And with that awareness, they will also be more likely to contribute to the cause.

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About the Client

Amazon is a multinational multibillion dollar tech company focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, streaming and more.

Everytable aims to make nutritious, fresh food affordable and accessible to all. They began in 2013.

Tube Art Group has been helping create identities for companies since 1946.