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Inspiring Quotes Wall Graphics for Amazon in Santa Barbara

Our sign package for Everytable’s restaurant in Amazon’s Santa Barbara building continues. Part of our collaboration with Tube Art, these inspiring quotes wall graphics display the company’s values and goals for customers and employee to see. The sign shows their commitment to sustainable and accessible nutrition for everyone, truly a worthy goal.

Share Your Values with Inspiring Quotes Wall Graphics

What do you believe in? What drives you and your business? These core values are part of your brand, motivating the whole organization – and everyone in it – towards its goals. So why not display it for all to see? Like the wall graphics for Everytable’s restaurant in Amazon’s building in Santa Barbara.

Such signage not only passes the message around and hopefully inspires others, it also shows that your brand is different. People will see the reasons behind your business and appreciate it. Because it adds sincerity and authenticity. So show them what you stand for and what your organization values.

Wall graphics are a perfect way to do this. This type of sign does not have a large footprint, in other words it does not take up a lot of space. So it is quick and easy to install. Moreover, it can turn bare or otherwise unused surfaces into visually striking sights that can brighten people’s day.

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About the Client

Amazon is a multinational multibillion dollar tech company focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, streaming and more.

Everytable aims to make nutritious, fresh food affordable and accessible to all. They began in 2013.

Tube Art Group has been helping create identities for companies since 1946.