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Interior Wall Art for Los Angeles Film School Hollywood

A look at just one of the five foam panel graphics with wall art we’re creating for the LA Film School in Hollywood. After all, such a creative institution should have visually stimulating and inspiring backgrounds for their interiors.

Decorate Your Offices with Wall Art

Workplaces should have eye-catching surroundings to brighten people’s moods and provide a welcoming and stimulating environment. Colorful and upbeat wall art do just that. A well-designed interior helps employees stay upbeat and also impresses clients. And it can also convey the business’ identity, when made to match the rest of the signage and branding.

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About the client

The LA Film School is an institute devoted to preparing the next generation of creative professionals bound for the entertainment industry. They offer degrees in fields such as Film, Audio, Animation, Music, Graphic Design and Entertainment Business. This is the first step towards a future in Hollywood!