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Graffiti’s Journey from “Vandalism” to Art in San Fernando Valley

Graffiti is back in Los Angeles, and inĀ San Fernando Valley artistes likeĀ Levi Fonz Ponce are making murals of iconic figures that are meaningful to the community. And to think they used to be seen as eyesores, as the defacement of public property, spray painted by unruly youngsters out to Stick It to The Man. Vandalism, it was called, named after the Vandals, barbarians who invaded Rome and broke all their stuff. But now graffiti’s become accepted in the arts scene, seen as a free expression of the human spirit heedless of property boundaries, now displayed as striking murals in public spaces across big cities like Los Angeles, wall art for upscale establishments, even as office decoration for more laid back workplaces. It’s an intriguing shift, but how did it happen?


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Vinyl Wall Art for Macy’s Century City, Los Angeles

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed vinyl wall graphics throughout Macy’s Century City in Los Angeles. Some of the wall art include geometric panels with text, as well as a jumper, soccer player, runner, and basketball player. These decorative interior graphics emphasize kinetic movement and active lifestyles, in turn providing a dynamic backdrop for the establishment.

Macy’s was established in 1858 and has become the Great American Department Store, an iconic retailing brand with hundreds of stores operating across the country and online. Macy’s Century City offers an outstanding selection of premier fashion brands, and aside from shoes and clothing it also offers a wide variety of housewares and gifts.

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Spruce Your Place Up With Signs!

Trapped in a monotonous maze of cubicles? Tired of trudging through grey corridors? Bare walls like a lunar landscape starting to close in on you? You can fix this by sprucing up your place with signs! Whether it’s at work or not, with clever decoration you can personalize your special space and turn it into a stimulating place.