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Welcome to Our Interns from Grover Cleveland Charter High in Reseda!

How about working as sign company interns for a summer job? Well, we’re lucky enough to have a couple temporary additions to our team. They’re from the Academy of Art and Technology program at Cleveland Charter High. We’ll give them a crash course in what it is like to be creative in a professional environment, as well as some free entertainment with our office antics.

Interns Learning Sign Making

The best part about sign making is that it’s not only art, it’s applied art. It’s where your creativity is channeled to meet the specifications of the clients, the brand they’re promoting, and the demands of an audience. That’s a true test of creativity, because you already know what you want, but do you know what your clients and audiences want? To meet their standards you have to innovate and adapt, work in ways you never thought you were capable of.

That is how passion turns into skill, how art becomes craft. Our interns will learn this and more during their stay at PSS. They can also handle our power tools (while wearing the appropriate safety equipment and under our supervision, of course) and that’s always a hoot!

The School of Hard Knocks

Few things are more satisfying than working with your hands. Handling heavy equipment, hauling raw materials and getting some elbow grease are underappreciated parts of the job but they teach important lessons. Like the value of going handmade, and the quality and workmanship involved. Now, these are intertwined and enhanced by modern technology, such as graphic design software. Being a sign maker involves both hard work and a devotion to learning.

All in all, this will be an educational experience for everyone involved. Even the season signed makers here at Premium Sign Solutions might learn a trick or two from these plucky interns!