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LED Sign Upgrade for Esthetic Professionals in Tarzana

This is our LED sign upgrade for Esthetic Professionals’ Tarzana location. With this, their building sign is now illuminated, boosting their brand visibility and making the display shine bright day in and day out.¬†

Take Your Brand to the Next Level with an LED Sign Upgrade

New signs for a New Year will make your brand stand out from the competition. People will notice your upgraded signage, especially if the improvements include transforming it with LED lighting. Illuminated signs have a distinct advantage of making the display visible 24/7 and from further away.

Showing that your business can invest in signs will also impress potential customers or patients by subtly telling them that your brand has the budget and the resources to take care of its facilities and make it look top notch.

Want to upgrade your clinic sign like what Esthetic Professionals did? Reach out to us for a free sign quote from your trusted sign company in the Los Angeles area. Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Esthetic Professionals Dental provides quality dental education with hands-on training as well as laboratory services.