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Light Box Sign for BlackRose in Los Angeles

This is the exquisite light box sign we made for BlackRose in Los Angeles. A striking sign, it suits the artistic space well, looming over the gateway, beckoning patrons to enter. After all, a venue for creatives to express themselves deserves similarly standout studio signs.

Get Great Visibility with Light Box and Illuminated Signs

First impressions do matter, and with high-quality visually striking signage, brands can set the expectations of potential customers, clients or patrons, and attract them to the location. Signage must be crafted to be eye-catching, memorable and aesthetically pleasing, representing the brand, conveying its identity and more. Above all else, they must also be visible, they have to be seen by as many people as possible. Illuminated signs such as lightbox and pylon signs do this job excellently because they can be seen day in and day out – shining brightly like beacons. Positioned at a good vantage point and they can be seen from the horizon, even!

Due to their visibility, illuminated signs must be made to an exacting standard. Because if sign components malfunction, if the sign flickers or letters go out, everyone can see it and this will give them a bad impression of the brand, its products and services, or its facilities. So they have to be manufactured well, particularly illuminated outdoor signs that will have to withstand wear and tear, the weather, temperature shifts and more. Exterior signs must be durable, staying pristine looking throughout their lifespans.

Give your brand the lightbox sign it deserves. Reach out to your trusted sign company in the Los Angeles area for a free sign quote. Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley. Also serving Tarzana, Pomona, West Los Angeles and all of Southern California.

About the Client

BlackRose provides a platform for artists to perform their craft, from musicians to dancers, visual artists, musical theater performers, burlesque talents and more.