You are currently viewing Lightbox Gym Signs for Pat King Jiu Jitsu in Northridge

Lightbox Gym Signs for Pat King Jiu Jitsu in Northridge

Part of a package for Pat King Jiu Jitsu. We made 3 sign inserts for their lightbox gym signs, 2 are pictured here. With illuminated signage the martial arts academy is more visible to potential students.

Bring in the Fitness Freaks with Lightbox Gym Signs

Gym rats love a good work out. Some are out to get the perfect Instagrammable beach bod complete with yoga poses. Others want even more reps at higher weights. There are those on journeys to become absolute martial arts beasts. And to achieve these fitness goals, they need the perfect place to pump iron.

So show them the way with your gym signage. A light box with the right inserts is ideal as these are prominent. Illuminated signs are visible day in and day out. And that’s handy if your gym is open 24/7. Likewise, with pylon signs the branding will have the added benefit of superior vantage points. These type of business signs will get more eyes on the brand, raising awareness of your establishment and encouraging them to try out a healthy, physically fit lifestyle.

Need a gym sign?

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About the Client

Pat King Jiu Jitsu teaches effective self-defense with its eponymous Royce Gracie-trained 1st degree black belt instructor. They are are Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy in Northridge, California.