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Social Distancing Information Signs

Businesses that are still operating should remind customers of the social distancing protocols they must observe to reduce the risks of exposure and transmission. Social distancing information signs display everything they need to know. Aside from conveying much needed safety advice, these types of signs also allow establishments to show that they care for their customers.

Customer Service and Public Safety with Social Distancing Information Signs

For this type of informational signage, custom banners for outdoor and indoor use, as well as posters, are ideal. They are easy to manufacture and quick to set up.

In the same vein as the delivery information signs, businesses have to adapt to the current circumstances. Due to the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19, the days of tightly packed businesses are over for the immediate future. Most have to either opt for delivery or takeout/pick up. For the latter, establishments can display contact information and inform customers that it’s best to call ahead. This minimizes risks and makes it convenient for everyone involved.

In the case of grocery stores, customers will have to enter the premises while maintaining social distancing. So it is important for establishments to remind their customers of the Do’s and Don’t’s of the current circumstances. Such as how far they have to be from each other, whether they should wear masks, and the need to wash their hands regularly.

Likewise, establishments can also reassure customers and the general public of the measures they have in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Such as signage assuring the regular sanitation of shopping carts, or the proper training and equipping of employees.

With these, businesses will be doing their part to ensure public safety. And the public will also see how their local businesses care for their well-being and appreciate it.

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