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Lightbox Sign for Back 2 Health in Encino

This lightbox sign is part of the comprehensive sign package we provided Back 2 Health for their Encino physical therapy center. With this illuminated sign their brand will be visible day in and day out, attracting more potential patients!

Get More Reach with a Lightbox Sign

Illuminated signage can be seen by more people as they can stay bright and visible any time of the day. Additionally, if they are positioned at a good vantage point, they will be in line of sight of even more people. So this is an advantage light box signs and pylon signs have over other types of outdoor signs. Plus, their inserts can be easily replaced, allowing businesses to display different messages, new information or re-brand easier.

When utilized as part of a wider comprehensive sign package, these displays’ effects are further amplified. Signs compliment each other, which is why Back 2 Health employed an entire array of signage to really make its facility stand out.

Need illuminated signage like light box or pylon signs, perhaps as part of a broader package? Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.

About the Client

Back 2 Health Physical Therapy provides the highest quality of care for optimal results for the local community.