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Lobby Sign for El Royale Hotel in Studio City

An establishment that services visitors to Hollywood, and even the stars themselves, must have an impressive reception area! That’s just what we provided El Royale Hotel. Now it has a splendid lobby sign on par with its reputation! 

Signs for the Stars

Businesses operating in competitive areas, particularly in the star-studded locales around Hollywood, need to look their best. Places with the Right Look, such as the El Royale Hotel, will not only be frequented by tourists and even celebrities, they might even be used as scenery for films and shows. Talk about added publicity!

Imagine your hotel sign becoming iconic and recognized by international audiences. Like Bates’ Motel, but without the horror. People will flock to your establishment just to take selfies with such recognizable sights. Who knows, maybe the lobby sign we made for El Royale will be Coming Soon to Theaters Near You?

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About the Client

Since the 1940’s El Royale Hotel has been welcoming travelers to La La Land as well as the stars themselves. The boutique hotel focuses on the quality of services it provides its few customers, giving them an exclusive experience. It has also served as the location for films and shows through the years. Because of this, El Royale Hotel has also been preserving its history, that which gives it its distinguishing character and makes it a destination.