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Eye-catching outdoor sign grabs attention instantly

Outdoor Sign for Dealpoint Merrill Woodland Hills

Enhance Your Brand’s Visibility with Outdoor Signs: Unleashing the Power of Effective Outdoor Signage 


Are you a property developer feeling distress in your search for unique outdoor signage? Do you want your property to stand out effectively in a competitive market? The challenges of outdoor branding and signage can be overwhelming, but there is a trusted solution provider ready to help. 


Key Takeaway Points 

  • Outdoor signage is a powerful tool for property developers to establish a strong brand presence.
  • Customization options allow outdoor signs to align with the brand identity and story.
  • Outdoor dimensional lettering enhances visibility and credibility for investment properties.
  • Well-designed signs attract attention, making a lasting impression on potential investors and tenants.
  • Outdoor signage offers a cost-effective marketing solution with a high return on investment.


Premium Sign Solutions specializes in outdoor dimensional lettering, 3D outdoor signs, and dimensional signage. With our expertise and innovative approach, we can help you overcome these challenges and make your property shine.


Stylish outdoor signage elevates your brand image
Stylish outdoor signage elevates your brand image

Outdoor Sign Collaboration with DealPoint Merrill


DealPoint Merrill, a prominent real estate and investment company based in Los Angeles, is committed to creating a better future. With their expertise in deal structure, finance, acquisition, and management, they have established a remarkable track record. When it came to their outdoor branding, DealPoint Merrill turned to Premium Sign Solutions. Through a collaborative effort, Premium Sign Solutions crafted custom dimensional lettering and exterior signage that perfectly aligns with DealPoint Merrill’s logo and brand story, creating a powerful visual representation of their brand identity.


Dealpoint Merrill’s Outdoor Sign

The process of designing DealPoint Merrill’s outdoor sign involved careful attention to detail and brand consistency. To maintain their brand identity, elements from the client’s logo were incorporated into the design. Premium Sign Solutions, specializing in business signage and commercial signage, utilized 3 inches thick fabricated Aluminum lettering for the sign. 


The overall size of the sign measures 47 inches high by 244 inches wide. The letter heights were strategically chosen to ensure maximum visibility: “DEALPOINT” stands tall at 30 inches, while “MERRILL” is 11 inches in height. This design approach ensures durability and enhances the visibility of the sign, making it an impactful addition to the property.


The Benefits of Outdoor Signage

Custom outdoor lettering and signage offers many benefits to businesses and investment properties. Well-designed outdoor signage goes a long way in attracting attention and building a strong brand presence. They serve as powerful visual markers that capture the interest of passers-by and effectively communicate a company’s identity and message. Additionally, outdoor signage can increase the visibility and credibility of an investment property. 


By displaying a professional and visually appealing sign, property owners can inspire confidence in potential investors and tenants and instil a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. With quality corporate and business signage, an investment property can make a lasting impression and stand out from the competition.


Frequently Asked Questions from Investment Property Developers

How is the installation process of outdoor signage handled?

Premium Sign Solutions ensures a seamless installation process, taking into account the property’s unique requirements and regulations.


What about maintenance? Is it time-consuming?

Outdoor signage is designed for durability and requires minimal maintenance. Regular inspections and cleaning are usually sufficient to keep it in top condition.


Can outdoor signage be customized to match our brand?

Absolutely! Premium Sign Solutions offers a range of customization options, including font styles, colors, and materials, to align with your brand identity.


Is outdoor branding cost-effective? What’s the return on investment?

Outdoor signage is a cost-effective marketing tool with a high return on investment. It enhances visibility, attracts customers, and contributes to long-term brand recognition and success.

Eye-catching outdoor sign grabs attention instantly
Eye-catching outdoor sign grabs attention instantly


Final Thoughts on an Outdoor Sign 

In the highly competitive real estate and investment world, outdoor signage plays a vital role in building a strong brand presence and attracting potential investors and tenants. By partnering with a trusted solutions provider like Premium Sign Solutions, real estate developers can overcome outdoor branding challenges and create visually stunning signs. 


The benefits of outdoor lettering and signage are undeniable, from attracting attention to increasing the visibility and credibility of your investment property. Outdoor signage offers a significant return on investment due to its durability, customization options, and cost-effectiveness. Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your hotel brand. Contact Premium Sign Solutions today and take the first step to making a lasting impression.


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