Light Box Insert Sign Installation for Illuminate Hollywood in Studio City

Sign installation of a light box insert of this size is no simple feat! A big thanks to our team for putting their skills and talents to work on this job.  Now the oversized signage we made for Illuminate Hollywood has finally arrived. 

Oversized Sign Installation

It’s easy to say “go bold, go big” when conceptualizing a sign. But actually making the large sign and finally installing it are different matters entirely. So this is where the skill and experience of talented sign makers, industry vets, and the proper equipment come into play. All to ensure that the highly anticipated Big One that we spent hours working on ends up properly positioned.

Thinking of large-scale sign installation? Minimize the risk and challenge by hiring the pros. Go contact our San Fernando-based sign company for inquiries!

About the Client

Illuminate Hollywood is a tech innovator in media production and post-production catering to the global entertainment industry.