You are currently viewing Parking Lot Aluminum Signs for Highland Liquor in Granada Hills

Parking Lot Aluminum Signs for Highland Liquor in Granada Hills

Parking lot signs are really handy for liquor stores. They have to be durable too, in order to withstand weather, wear and tear, and the occasional impact. These aluminum signs for Highland Liquor’s Granada Hills establishment will do the job nicely. They frame the store’s window signs advertising spirits and lotto – life’s essentials!

Outdoor Aluminum Signs for Maximum Durability 

Metal signs are resilient and well suited for the rigors faced by exterior signs, whether it’s extreme changes in temperature, weather, wear and tear, or impacts caused by liquor store customers. Additionally, parking lot signs are also at a higher risk of impacts due to their location. Still, they are important because they designate which areas are meant for the customers of a particular establishment. They can also show the penalties that come with unauthorized parking.

Our sign for Highland Liquor specifies that unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense, citing CVC 22651. That’s the California Code, Vehicle Code authorizing the towing or impounding of vehicles if the drivers get DUIs, have five unpaid tickets or park illegally on private property and other areas where they shouldn’t park their vehicles.

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