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Plaque and Directory Sign for Anchor Health in Westlake Village

This is the plaque and directory sign we fabricated and installed for Anchor Health’s location in Westlake Village. It features the room number complete with braille, as well as the names of the tenants. This will help visitors and patients navigate the halls and find their destinations.

Improve Convenience, Help Customers Navigate with a Directory Sign Package

Directory plaque signs are a great way to enrich offices and workplaces. They are functional and can help with navigating hallways, serving as wayfinding signs. These plaques can be unobtrusive while still contributing to the overall aesthetics of the environment. Plaque signs can also go well with the style of the other office signs being utilized, complimenting lobby signs, conference room signs, wall graphics, window graphics and the like. They can designate specific rooms, show the directions to particular areas, as well as mark out emergency exists, and amenities for those with certain needs – from wheelchair ramps to lactation rooms.

Wayfinding signs can also have ADA-compliant features to help spaces become more accessible to everyone. Look through our selection of ADA signs to see how they can enhance your office.

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About the Client

Anchor Health Properties is a national firm devoted exclusively to developing, managing and investing in medical facilities.