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Premium Sign Solutions Celebrates Labor Day – Go Workers!

Happy Labor Day from Premium Sign Solutions! This holiday is all about celebrating and honoring those whose build everything around us. Whose sweat and effort keep the world running: the workers!

The Cause of Labor

They are the ones constructing buildings, manufacturing hardware and maintaining infrastructure we all depend on. And their labor is what makes industries chug along and keeps the economy pulsing. Moreover, they are the ones who fabricate and install slick signs that make businesses stand out from the competition!

And this is no minor matter since Premium Sign Solution sign-makers and sign-installers actually do brave risks in the course of their work. Aside from standard workplace hazards involving power tools when making signs or affixing indoor signs, outdoor installations can sometimes be eventful. Exterior signs involve dealing with the elements, like the blazing heat of the sun. Sometimes sign-installers have to go quite high up on crane buckets. And there was this one time our staff encountered bees when installing a rotating pylon sign!

So let’s recognize their invaluable and indispensable contributions this Labor Day. Thank you for your service!

And remember folks, celebrate Labor Day while keeping safety in mind.

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