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Corporate Lobby Sign for Amazon in Santa Barbara

The new acrylic corporate lobby sign we made for Amazon. This is part of a larger outdoor and indoor business sign package and office design package for their Santa Barbara location and the Everytable restaurant there.

Entering the Big Leagues? Get a Corporate Lobby Sign!

You can’t rule the business world without a decent lobby sign. So if you are now a big corporate player, be sure your reception area has an eye-catching centerpiece. So that all those who you have surpassed will know your mark of conquest!

You don’t have to be a full on corporate Conan the Barbarian to display resplendent banners. The fact that visually impressive signs wow customers and motivate the workforce is incentive enough. And if you are aspiring to drive your startup to new heights, then you better act like a successful company and look the part.

So don’t skimp out on signage. Quality-designed centerpieces, with the right look and made out of high-grade materials, will show everyone who is boss. It will convey your confidence in your brand. And likewise, customers will come to trust your business. The sight of the sign will make transactions all the more memorable and help ensure that they’ll be back for more.

Outfit your workplace with the lobby sign it deserves. And compliment it with other office signs. Go for a full sign package.

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About the Client

Amazon is a multinational multibillion dollar tech company focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, streaming and more.

Everytable aims to make nutritious, fresh food affordable and accessible to all. They began in 2013.