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Real Estate Company Lobby Sign for BCEG in Woodland Hills

Real estate firms offering prime property should boast office signs that are just as attractive. Like this company lobby sign we fabricated and installed for BCEG. Now their Woodland Hills office looks even more impressive!

A Company Lobby Sign That Matches Your Real Estate

Lobby signs complete offices and reception areas, they are an essential indoor sign for any company. With these, the business projects its brand identity and makes the space more visually appealing. Employees, visitors and customers alike will benefit from the presence of the signage. For the workforce, the enhanced environment will make their workplace more engaging and improve morale, as it provides a symbol that embodies the greater team and organization they belong to. For visitors and customers, lobby signs convey brand identity and hints at the quality of product or service the business offers. For real estate firms that offer wonderful properties to prospective clients, a lobby sign is simply a must.

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About the Client

BCEGI US is part of the Beijing Construction Engineering Group that focuses on real estate development, investment, acquisition, pre-construction and construction management.