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Restaurant Channel Letters for Organico in Los Angeles

These are two sets of front-lit restaurant channel letters we built and installed for Organico. With these, the Los Angeles delivery and take-out only restaurant will get more visibility. So more customers will be drawn to their establishment. And there they can treat themselves to their fresh and organic delicacies.

Stand Apart and Draw Customers in with Restaurant Channel Letters

Do you believe in your brand? Of course you do. You have confidence in your company, your workforce and the products and services it offers. In the case of restaurants, the dishes they serve. In Organico’s case, it’s cuisine using fresh and  organic or wild harvest ingredients. So be sure this is conveyed with signage that similarly stands out above the rest. Your brand and business, your workforce and the fruit of their labor, deserve this.

And so with signs such as Organico’s illuminated channel letters, customers will be better able to see what the brand is offering. Moreover, an illuminated sign is definitely a good choice as it will be radiant day in and day out. So more people will see the outdoor sign no matter what time of day it is. Definitely a consideration when it comes to exterior signs. It’s a signal for customers, particularly those hungry for delicious morsels.

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About the Client

Organico is a delivery and take-out only restaurant exclusively using certified organic or wild harvested ingredients. Moreover, their mission is to make organic food the norm again just like in the good old days.