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Restaurant Lobby Sign for Cinnabon in Torrance

More in the business sign package for Cinnabon. We installed this restaurant lobby sign that cutely says: “Love is Baked Into Every Bite.” So not only do our signs convey the scrumptious appeal of the brand’s pastries, this adorable sign also shows the heart placed in every delicious baked product. In partnership with TubeArt.

Warm Customers’ Hearts with a Restaurant Lobby Sign Displaying Quotes

Cinnabon's new restaurant lobby sign that very cutely tells people that "Love is Baked Into Every Bite," made in partnership with TubeArt. Our sign package for Cinnabon continues. Previously, we posted about the custom restaurant signs with acrylic letters reading “Bake Shop” and pasty glass design piece with the image on a frosted bun printed on the acrylic panel. And before that were the channel letters we made for the bakeshop.

A lobby sign saying love is baked into every bite definitely appeals to customers. They add to the customer experience. That’s what smart branding is all about, conveying that the brand’s products or services are special – a step above the rest. So customers will see that the company stands out. Moreover, it also conveys that this is so because the workforce also puts more effort, skill and love into their products.

Together, the signs we fabricated and installed combine to elevate the brand. The whole effect becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Want to boost your brand? Consider a sign package that will come together and have maximum effect for your business. Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Cinnabon is everyone’s favorite restaurant chain offering delicious cinnamon rolls and other baked goods.