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School Lobby Sign for Thomas Starr King in Los Angeles

This middle school attendance’s office wanted a sign that included the school’s gold coloring. So we provided the school lobby sign Thomas Starr King was looking for. With this, the Los Angeles educational institute can show their brand, their school seal, with pride!

Impress Parents, Students and Staff with a School Lobby Sign

School lobby sign displaying the seal of Thomas Starr King Middle SchoolEvery school has an identity. An ethos. Something that makes them different. The way they teach and what they impart to their students to not only grow their knowledge but build their character. That’s why parents carefully choose the institutions they will entrust their children to. Likewise, this is why schools themselves must convey their identities and ways as best they can by using signage.

School seals and badges, inspirational messages, the sayings of their founders, their accomplishments – signs can project these for all to see. So not only will these displays show parents and prospective students that they are a worthy institution, they will also instill pride in the school’s family as well. Such signage embodies the family, showing teachers, students, principals, parents and all others that they are part of something greater.

Adorn your academy with the signs it deserves.  Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Thomas Starr King Middle School provides students with innovative learning experiences to develop their intellect, creativity, curiosity and compassion. So they will grow wholly and be equipped to live meaningful lives and contribute to the community and the world.