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Working from Home? Get a Fancy Backdrop Banner or Poster!

The safety measures being enacted due to the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic means that many people have to work from home. And that means there’ll be a lot of videocalls and conferences. So why not have a fancy backdrop banner or poster to “show” colleagues how classy you are? Cover up that disorganized living room with a poster of the Eiffel Tower or the beach. Look like a traveler while staying safe at your home.

Lighten Things Up With a Custom Backdrop Banner or Poster

With many businesses shifting to work from home and conference call taking place over video, we are getting a glimpse at our co-workers homes like never before. But don’t let your quarantined home office be what defines you!

Moreover, if your dwelling isn’t particularly spacious, your background might be a kitchen or even your bedroom. There’ll be times when they’re not looking the most presentable, like when the plates are stacking up or the sheets aren’t folded. If you don’t want your boss to see that, then a custom backdrop will be perfect for you.

Backdrop banner and poster being used in a threeway teleconference to hide the real backgrounds, replacing them with sights like the beach, the big city skyline, tropical landscape, etc.What kind of designs do you want for your banners or posters? There only limit is your imagination. Thinking of a classy study full of bookshelves for your background? Want to look like you’re working from a medieval castle? A tropical beach resort? OUTER SPACE? Name it, we’ll make it!

There are many ways to make the work from home setup work for you. This is one such awesome and visually clever way.  So take those tele-conferences up a notch through the innovative use of signage and banners.

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