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Stage Banners at the 2018 Taste of Soul

Signage is crucial in making concert stages look rockin.’ Just like these oversize mesh stage banners we made for the 2018 Taste of Soul festival. This isn’t the first time we provided signs for the festival. Here’s some of our previous work. It’s our own little contribution to the events’ success. 

Stage Banners Help Make Events Look Awesome

A concert or festival stage can’t be bare, that’ll ruin the mood. It has to look the part to dazzle those attending the celebration. So quality stage banners are a must. They will provide an appropriate backdrop for the performers who will tear down the house in front of their cheering audience.

For events that are on the move, these tour signs and tour banners are just what the doctor ordered as they’re large, visually impressive, yet easy to roll up and transport to the next venue.

Such event signage is also one way to acknowledge sponsors and help them advertise their brands. So, in short, signs are necessary for both the visual perspective and the business aspect of these events.

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About the Client

Called Los Angeles’ largest street festival, “Taste of Soul” takes place annually in October. It showcases everything soulful, from the cuisine of local restaurants, as well as performances by local artists, exhibits from local businesses, organizations and establishments, and more.