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2018 World Series…. An Office Divided

The Dodgers vs. the Red Sox. Logic would say, given our location, we’d all be rooting for one team in the World Series. But things are not so simple. Yes, we made those Dodgers banners and some of us do plan to wave them around. But like the previous blog said, not everyone is from L.A. Some of us are even from… Boston!

The Rundown

So the team is split. It’s a Premium Sign Solutions Civil War if you will. And these are the lines, as well as our predictions for the winners and in how many games:

David: Dodgers in 6 games
Nick: Dodgers in 7
Meng: Dodgers in 7
OC: Dodgers in 7

Steph: Red Sox in 5
Kev: Sox in 6
Marco: Sox in 4

Believe us, it will get heated. And maybe we’ll even make a bet.  But most importantly, the real prize will be bragging rights for our home cities!

So stay tuned to see whether the Dodgers fans will have the final say, or if the Bostonians will be laughing their way to the metaphorical bank.

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