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Storefront Light Box Sign for New Generation Improvements in Reseda

A storefront light box sign will definitely make your establishment stand out. Like this one we installed for New Generation Improvements’ Reseda office. Now their HQ will be visible, with signage that matches the vehicle wraps we previously installed on their trucks.

Storefront Light Box Sign for Added Visibility

Illuminated signage like lightbox and pylon signs are great ways to stand out. These signs are visible day in and day out and when placed on a good vantage point can be seen from quite some distance. When this type of sign works in conjunction with other displays, including door and window graphics as well as vehicle wraps, the branding visibility and recognition effect is further amplified. So definitely consider employing illuminated signs as part of a wider sign package.

When it comes to illuminated outdoor signs, durability is also key. A flickering exterior sign will send the wrong message. So be sure to hire a trusty and reliable sign company to fabricate a durable lightbox or pylon sign that will withstand the test of time and make your brand look good.

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About the Client

New Generation Improvements goes beyond the usual home improvement. The husband and wife team have a genuine passion for building, creating and renovation, and aim to make the experience seamless for home owners.