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Storefront Window Graphics for The Alcove in Long Beach

These are the storefront window graphics we fabricated and installed for The Alcove’s new branch in Long Beach. They go with the building storefront sign we also made for the brand. Together, these signs will help draw customers to their business.

Get a Set of Storefront Window Graphics and Signs 

As with The Alcove, make sure you get a whole set of signage to fully decorate your business. A single sign might look lonesome on its own, if it is just suspended on an otherwise undecorated storefront or wall. Other displays can compliment it, like window signs, wall art, illuminated signage and more.

These can also be part of a greater overall sign package, with outdoor signs helping draw customers in and build anticipation for indoor signs that will serve as part of the background for the customers’ shopping experiences. If the brand has multiple branches, then the locations should have consistent exterior signs to guarantee recognizability. The same goes for their interior signs. By going for sign packages from a single sign company, businesses can ensure that their branches have uniform decorations.

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About the Client

The Alcove is an oasis of cool, a fashion store specializing in a casual style they call “beach chic.” They curate and elevate fresh styles mainly from the US. In their own words: “We believe in soft fabrics, comfort and above all, style.